Port and hydraulic engineering

Sea and inland port construction, waterfront facilities, docks, locks and barriers, wharf and jetty installations, ferry facilities, piers, dolphins, steel construction in water, flood protection systems, retaining walls and dikes, and pumping stations.

Waterway construction

Excavation and dredging work, piling, steel construction in water, anchorage points, channel bed sealing using natural clay, revetments, sea or river bed reinforcement, grouting of revetments.

Specialised civil engineering

Piling works, piled and drilled pile foundations, compressed sheet piling works, anchoring systems, vibro-injection piling works, foundation pits, pile loading tests.

Offshore construction and services

Subsea cable and pipeline installation, cable and pipeline shore crossings, inlet and outfall pipeline works, offshore logistics, hydrographic surveying, concrete gravity base foundations for wind turbines.

Furthermore TAGU has at its command a large and modern range of equipment: Various types of lifting equipment, a cable dredger with up to 250t lifting capacity, work barges for operations in open sea, inshore and inland waterways, as well as up-to-date pile-driving spreads, vibration-drilling spreads. This makes of TAGU a high-capability specialist in areas of hydraulic engineering and offshore services.